Advisory and Counseling Services for International Students

The Center for International Education offers counseling for international students with issues relating to their studies at Kobe University and daily life in Japan. This counseling service covers a broad range of issues including academic matters, intercultural and interpersonal issues, harassment cases, mental and physical health, financial problems, and family matters. Two fulltime faculty members in the Center for International Education are available for consultation. Most departments at Kobe University also have faculty and staff to offer advice for international students.

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Medical Center for Student Health (physical and mental health consultations)

The Medical Center for Student Health offers emergency first aid treatment, annual medical checkups, and consultations regarding physical or mental health. It can only be used by students and staff of Kobe University. Medical Centers are located in Rokkodai Campus, Fukae Campus, and Kusunoki Campus. In Myodani Campus, the Physical and Mental Health Consultation Office is available instead of the Center.

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Support for students with disabilities

At Kobe University each faculty, school, graduate school and the Student Affairs Department provide support services for students with disabilities during entrance examinations and admission to the University as well as the post-admission period. We aim to provide on-campus parking spaces and create an environment that enables students with disabilities to move around campus and freely engage in various activities.

Each faculty, school and graduate school also aims to establish a supportive educational environment by conducting classes in rooms that are easily accessible, securing appropriate seating, and providing in-class support when necessary.

If you wish to apply for learning support services, please fill out the "Application form for disability support" and submit it to the Academic Affairs Section at your affiliated faculty, school or graduate school.

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Each international student is supported by a tutor with the aim of helping with and improving the effectiveness of their study and research. The tutors are recommended by the academic adviser, and are chosen from students with background knowledge in the international student's field of study. The tutoring period is the first two years for undergraduate students and one year for research students. Ask your faculty/graduate school for further information.

Japanese Language Courses

The Center for International Education offers Japanese language courses. Only those who have been permitted to enter Kobe University are eligible to take these courses.

The Center for International Education: