Based on the ‘Guidelines on Management of Personal Information Held by Kobe University’, the National University Corporation Kobe University collects the personal information of the users of its public website (hereafter referred to as ‘this site’) for the smooth operation of various provided services.

Collected personal information is handled by this site as explained below: 

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information specific to an individual (e.g. an individual’s name, address, telephone number and age) is obtained in cases where an inquiry, a request for written information or an application to attend a public event (e.g. conference, seminar) is made.

When an email is sent to one of the Kobe University email addresses, the email address of the sender is conveyed and made visible to the recipient.

Purpose of Use for Personal Information

The usage of the personal information collected by this site includes the following: the handling of and responses to inquiries, the sending of documents, and processing event attendance applications.

Management of Personal Information

Management System and Safeguarding Measures

The personal information collected by this site is managed appropriately. In addition, Kobe University endeavors to protect the personal information of site users by implementing an appropriate and reasonable level of safeguarding measures not only to prevent data leakage to outside parties but also against the loss, destruction and falsification of information, and unlawful access by outside parties.

Kobe University employs a data protection officer who is responsible for the general management of personal information and the university also implements necessary measures for the appropriate handling of such information.

Sharing information with Third Parties

Kobe University will not pass on personal information to a third party without the individual’s express permission.

However, in cases where processes are entrusted to a third party in order to achieve the purpose of use, personal information may be conveyed to a third party without obtaining the individual’s permission. In such cases, provisions will be made to prevent personal information from being leaked or redistributed by the third party. These provisions include specifying appropriate safety measures, such as non-disclosure obligations, in the outsourcing contract.

In addition, personal information may be conveyed to a third party in situations where it is legally required to do so.

Other matters

Access Log

This site maintains an access log in order to understand how users utilize the site based on data such as page views and search engine keywords. This access log does not utilize personal information that specifies individuals.

Links to external sites

Links to external sites are published on this website as deemed necessary, however the links themselves do not retain personal information. Kobe University accepts no liability for personal data collection by linked external sites. Please check the privacy policy of the external site in question.


Please contact the Communications Division if you have any queries about the handing of personal information on this site or wish to request a disclosure of personal information held by Kobe University.

Email: ppr-kouhoushitsu[at] (please replace [at] with an @ mark)


Guidelines on Management of Personal Data by Kobe University: PDF