English translations for the below regulations are found in the links. The official text of these Rules is the Japanese version. The English translation is not intended to have any legal effects and is provided for information purposes only. In case of any discrepancies between the translation and the Japanese version, the latest Japanese version will prevail.

Japanese‐English Comparison Table

Part 1. University Organization and Operation

Section 1. Cooperation Organization and Affairs

Section 2. Committees

Section 3. Faculty Council and Steering Committees

Section 4. Administrative Organization

Part 2. Personnel Affairs

Section 1. President, Executive Vice President and Dean

Section 2. Academic and Administrative Staff

Part 3. Student Affairs

Section 1. Rules and Regulations for Students

Section 2. Regulations on Faculties

Section 3. Regulations on Graduate Schools

Section 4. Regulation on Sea Training Course

Section 5. International Students

Section 6. Researchers and Trainees

Section 7. Degree Regulations

Part 4. Student Welfare, Discipline and Services

Section 1. Student Welfare, Discipline and Services

Section 2. Student Welfare

Section 3. Student Facilities

Part 5. Other Affairs

Section 1. General Affairs

Section 2. Finance

Section 3. Facilities

Section 4. Research Management and External Cooperation

Section 5. International Affairs

Section 6. Compliance

Section 7. Risk Management

Section 8. Use Facilities

Part 6. Related Laws