Students can use the university vacation periods (for example summer or winter vacation) to enroll in work experience at a company, government organization, or other place of employment. This experience is a valuable opportunity to learn more about the world of work and define your future goals for professional development. Internships can help students to find the right job after graduation and avoid employee-company mismatches. Students can also make use of their internship experiences and achievements on CVs and job applications in order to appeal to future prospective employees.

The benefits of internships

Internships have the following advantages for university students:

  • Discover how to apply your knowledge and abilities in a workplace setting
  • Learn what sort of work interests you
  • Clarify your study goals at university by visualizing your path post-graduation
  • Obtain useful guidelines for mapping out a career
  • Learn about businesses and how to promote yourself as a prospective employee

Internship participants must enroll in an insurance policy and notify the university

Internship participants must enroll in an insurance policy and notify the university of their participation in an internship program.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not notify the university you cannot claim insurance (the University must verify that you are participating in an internship).
You must also submit a notification to the University when you finish your internship (the same format as the notification of enrollment). Please do not forget to submit both notification forms.

2016 Internship Applications

This year’s internship programs offered by government organizations and companies can now be viewed on the Career Center website.
(Japanese language page only)

Overseas Internships

Click here to find out about opportunities for internships outside Japan.
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