On Kobe University Homecoming Day, Kobe University alumni are invited to visit the University and renew their bonds with other alumni, professors, staff, and current students. This event is held in parallel with International Student Homecoming Day, an opportunity to deepen ties across countries, regions, and generations while learning more about Kobe University.


The Homecoming Day is traditionally held on the last Saturday of October every year.


Main Events: Idemitsu Sazo Memorial Rokkodai Auditorium (Rokkodai Campus)
Faculty Events: Various locations on each campus

Main program

Main events (morning)

  • Commemorative ceremony
  • Tea party

Faculty events (afternoon)

  • Programs which demonstrate the unique identity of each faculty
    (For example: lectures, campus tours, research presentations by current students, social gatherings)

Special exhibitions and tours

  • History of Kobe University Exhibition
  • Library for Social Sciences Tour
  • Yamaguchi Seishi Memorial Building Tour and Tea Ceremony

How to apply

The Homecoming Day dates are announced every year during early August on the Kobe University website.

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