Diploma Policy of Kobe University

Kobe University aims to demonstrate a spirit of sincerity, freedom and cooperation supported by its unique culture of openness and international awareness. By fostering distinctive and humane leadership, the university contributes to the advancement of learning, the well-being of humankind, the preservation of the environment, and peace between nations.

The university will award degrees in accordance with the points below, each of which aims to guarantee internationally competitive education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels based on Kobe university Charter on Education:

  • Students shall study at a faculty or graduate school for the designated period, obtain the required credits for graduation or completion, and pass the examinations prescribed by their school.
  • Prior to graduation or completion, students will attain the following competencies through individual programs of study.


In order to be well-educated, independent members of society equipped with high ethical standards and a solid balance of intellect, reason, and emotion, students will gain:

  • the ability to properly assess situations and objectively make decisions in a variety of settings
  • the ability to work in a team and cooperate to solve problems with those with other specializations or different values


In order to critically address traditional notions and approaches,  independently identify problems and creatively solve them, students will gain:

  • the ability to learn basic ideas from other fields of study, and reflect on how they differ from their own field of specialization
  • the ability to actively learn and then produce new ideas

International awareness

In order to respect diverse values, strive for a deeper understanding of other cultures, and demonstrate superior communication skills, students will gain:

  • the ability to communicate with people from different cultures in multiple languages.
  • the ability to accept a variety of cultures, ideas and values, and understand global issues


Students will acquire broad knowledge and the resulting expertise at the undergraduate level, and advanced expertise in a variety of university graduate programs, in order to take on leadership roles in professional and academic fields.

The required expertise in each program is determined by each faculty and graduate school.


Graduate Schools