Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship)

The Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship) System provides seven scholarship programs: Undergraduate Students, Research Students, Japanese Studies Students, Teacher Training Students, College of Technology Students, Special Training College Students, and 'Young Leaders' Program Students

For further information, please see the link below.

Among these, only the following four programs' students are accepted at Kobe University.

  1. Undergraduate Students
  2. Research Students
  3. Japanese Studies Students
  4. Teacher Training Students

There is also a special scholarship program at Kobe University conducted between the Japanese Government and the government listed below:

5. Chinese Students (The Government of the People's Republic of China)

For more details, please see "Eligibility and Conditions at a glance."

Letter of Provisional Acceptance for applicants of Embassy Recommendation (Research Students)

Applicants who have passed the First Screening conducted at Japanese Embassies/Consulates are required to obtain a letter of provisional acceptance to proceed the final selection.

1. Please find an academic advisor/supervisor at Kobe University first.

The following website "Directory of Researchers in Kobe University" might be useful in searching for the professor at Kobe University.
"Directory of Researchers in Kobe University"

2. Please contact a preferred graduate school office by the deadline, which is find in "APPLICATION GUIDELINES JAPANESE GOVERNMENT (MEXT) SCHOLARSHIP". * Kobe University does NOT issue the letter if applicants contact after the deadline.

Email Subject: "Request for Letter of Provisional Acceptance"

Please specify the name of the professor that you would like us to forword to.

Necessary documents to be attached: the following documents (a) and (b)

(a) Copy of a Passing Certificate of the First Screening issued by the Japanese diplomatic mission

(b) A set of copies that have been stamped by the Japanese diplomatic mission and returned to the applicants

  • Application Form
  • Field of Study and Research Plan
  • Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended
  • Certificate of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended
  • Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor at the current or last university attended
  • Abstracts of theses (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
  • Certificate of language proficiency (* Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
  • Recommendation letter from the present employer (* Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
  • Photograph(s) showing applicant’s own works of art or a digitally recorded media of musical
    performance (* Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)

Graduate school contact list

Accommodation for Japanese Government Scholarship Students

Kobe University has a small number of off-campus residences for international students. MEXT scholars are given priority for residence accommodation for the first 6 months (11 months for Japanese Studies Students). Only single rooms are available. Students who want to live with their families must look for accommodation by themselves.

Applicants should be aware that we may not be able to provide rooms to all applicants as the number of international students has been increasing. If there are not enough vacant rooms to accommodate all prospective students, we do offer information on apartments.