Adopted on 26 September 2006

Environmental Philosophy

As a world-class research and education institution, Kobe University pledges itself, through all of the university’s activities, to the preservation of the global environment and to the creation of a sustainable society, the two most important challenges the world faces today.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rokko Mountains, Kobe University utilizes this regional locality to its advantage for the fostering of environmentally-conscious students and the dissemination of knowledge gained from academic research to the world. Through these efforts, and by setting an example in the preservation of the environment, Kobe University pledges to build a path toward the realization of a sustainable society as a common goal of humanity.

Environmental Policies

1. To foster and support environmentally-conscious students

The most important mission for universities is to foster human resources.
In order to foster people who have a deep awareness of the global environment, and our influence upon the environment, Kobe University will continually improve its education programs; integrate the knowledge taught in humanities, social and natural sciences; and cooperate with global and regional societies to foster people who will have a deep awareness of the global environment.

2. To promote research to create and sustain the global environment

In order to preserve the global environment and create a sustainable society, it is necessary to produce research results that enable us to overcome various challenges.
Kobe University will commit itself to the promotion of studies of specific areas on environmental issues, interdisciplinary studies integrating related fields, and transmission of these study results to the world and region.

Additionally, the University will support activities in which such research results specifically contribute to the development of international and regional society.

3. To promote environmental preservation activities that set an example for others

In order to protect the global environment, individual actions are important. Kobe University will take the initiative in creating an environmentally-conscious campus by conserving the environment, efficient use of resources and energy, and carrying out toxic substance control.

Additionally, the University will commit itself to the sustainable improvement of environmental protection through the disclosure of its environmental conservation activities and communication with relevant parties.

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Environmental Report

Every year, Kobe University publishes an abridged version of the Environmental Report. These reports provide an annual summary of the environmental activities achieved on the Kobe University campuses for each academic year (April 1 until March 31).

The Kobe University Environmental Reports are put together in accordance with the Environmental Reporting Guidelines implemented by the Ministry of the Environment on April 1, 2005.

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