Knowing how people in each region of the world go about their lives is indispensable to playing an active part in international society. Moreover, if you do not have an understanding of each region of the world, you will not be able to put your graduate knowledge into practice. Taking this view into account, this Program focuses on the state and regional levels of politics. By considering problems peculiar to each specific area, we come to see that political issues cannot be avoided. Since each state and area has its own particular political structure, society and culture, one cannot ignore these peculiarities and seek to find universal solutions. Therefore, in this program, we use the disciplines of political science and area studies to look at what is behind the problems in each area of the world, and to consider what it is that we can do to contribute to their solution.

Our program has a dual structure; the Japanese program starts in April and the English program starts in October.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of International Studies,
    Master of Political Science
  • Subject area
    Political Science and Area Studies Program
  • Duration
    2 years


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