Faculties & Graduate Schools


Graduate Schools

Institutes, Organizations & Facilities

Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration

Organization of Advanced Science and Technology

Organizations for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Integration of Education and Research

Common-use Facilities

Other Facilities

Exhibition Facilities

Registered Tangible Cultural Properties

  • Kanematsu Memorial Hall
  • Idemitsu Sazo Memorial Rokkodai Auditorium
  • Rokkodai Honkan (Main Building)
  • Library for Social Sciences
  • Kanteido Martial Arts Gymnasium

Office & Administration

The university offices are open on weekdays between 8:30-12:15 and 13:00-17:15. The offices are closed on weekends, public holidays, and over the New Years holiday period (29th December – 3rd January).


  • Institute of Promoting Academic Research Programs
  • Office of Academic Research Management
  • Institute for Promotion of Higher Education
  • Office for the Promotion of Higher Education
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Research Institute for Higher Education
  • Institute of Promoting International Exchange Programs
  • Centre for EU Studies
  • Centre for Asian Studies
  • Office of the Americas

President’s Offices

  • Office of Planning and Evaluation Management
  • Office of Promoting Regional Partnership
  • Office for Reconstruction Support and Disaster Science Research
  • Gender Equality Office
  • Auditing Office
  • Internal Control Office
  • Office of Security Export Control


General Affairs Department

  • General Affairs Division
  • Personnel Planning Division
  • Personnel and Labor Division
  • Communications Division
  • Office of the President

Planning Department

  • Planning Division
  • Community Cooperation Division
  • Alumni Affairs Division

Department for Research Management and External Cooperation

  • Division of Research Management
  • Division for the Promotion of Industry-University Cooperation

International Affairs Department

  • International Affairs Planning Division
  • International Exchange Division

Finance Department

  • Finance Division
  • Expense Management Division
  • Contract Affairs Division

Student Affairs Department

  • Student Affairs Division
  • Academic Promotion Division (former Inter-Departmental Education Division)
  • Student Support Division (former Student Welfare Division)
  • Admission Division
  • Career Support Division (former Career Center Administrative Office)

Facilities Department

  • Facilities Planning Division
  • Construction Division
  • Equipment Division
  • Center of Administrative Support
  • Office of Safety and Health/Environmental Management