Human development and the creation of communities that support this development

This department aims to foster individuals with the skills to create diverse communities where people can live better lives. We carry out education and research related to the variety of ways in which humans develop, as well as the communities that support them, aiming for the realization of a sustainable shared global society where people respect diversity.

With these goals in mind, this department has established the following two fields of research and education. In Developmental Studies Formation we carry out fundamental specialized education in order to grasp the full picture of human development, including physical and mental development and humanity’s most essential attributes of expression and behavior (art and sports). In Community Formation we carry out both theoretical and practical specialized education on community formation that uses humanity’s expressive activities and sports activities as resources.

The specialized education offered in this department is unique in its encouragement of practical education in the form of active research that incorporates fieldwork, on-site practical studies and study tours both within Japan and overseas, combined with an interdisciplinary and integrated approach that maps human development from multiple perspectives.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Bachelor of Arts
  • Subject areas
    Developmental Studies Foundation,
    Community Formation
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2017)


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