The focus of this Department is on organisms related to food and agriculture, and materials linked to the environment and related areas. We develop human resources who have superior knowledge and skills based mainly on chemistry and biology to contribute to the development of areas including agriculture; bioindustries related to food, chemistry and medicine; and the creation and protection of the agricultural environment. Through guided research, we train individuals in a higher level of specialist knowledge, skills, scientific thinking and expression. The Department has two divisions: the Division of Applied Chemistry in Bioscience and the Division of Plant Health, Environment and Biotechnology.

Applied Chemistry in Bioscience

This Division aims to educate individuals who can use information gained from analyzing the composition and effects of materials related to biological phenomena and food products on molecular or genetic levels, and can contribute to the development of core research and bioindustry.

Plant Health, Environment and Biotechnology

The goal of this Division is to enable the creation of sustainable bioproduction system while maintaining the integrity of the agricultural environment. This will be done through understanding and analyzing the biological phenomena created by diverse organisms within the agricultural environment (agricultural ecosystem).

About the Master’s Program
  1. Students can gain a broad grounding in agriculture and interdisciplinary knowledge through core cross-disciplinary learning in food, the environment, and healthy organisms.
  2. Each course within the Master’s Program is designed to prepare students for the more specialist classes in the Doctoral Program.
  3. Students can learn to organize their research results, present in front of a group and express their ideas through the class on public presentations.
  4. Students can gain an interdisciplinary perspective through taking a joint class with the five natural sciences graduate schools in Kobe University, Advanced Science and Technology I.
  5. Students can gain the comprehensive knowledge needed for advanced specialist careers by making use of the program course authorization system in collaboration with four natural science graduate schools in Kobe University.
  6. Students can gain a grounding in leadership and an international perspective by taking courses in sustainable food production and environmental protection in the Asiatic region.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of Agriculture
  • Subject area
    Applied Chemistry in Bioscience
    Plant Health, Environment and Biotechnology
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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