Human development is a concept which makes sense only if premised on each person's individuality. Each person realizes his or her potential ability in his or her own way, and we call this process human development. This is one of the reasons why the aspects of development are diverse and complex. The Department of Human Development seeks an effective way to unravel the real image of development through human development research which integrates different academic fields. By linking related academic areas and integrating the academic perspectives accumulated in these areas into an organic whole, we aim to solve difficult problems in human development.

The Graduate School of Human Development and Environment aims to advance and broaden the perspective of education and research concerning the development of human beings. Within this Graduate School, the Department of Human Development takes human development research a step further by combining the accumulated knowledge of the four Divisions: Psychological Development and Health Promotion, Education and Learning, Human Behavior, and Human Expression.

Doctoral Program

The aim of the doctoral program is to develop outstanding individuals who are able to participate actively in fundamental, applied, and practical research into human development and the environment in which this development takes place, and who are able to use their specialized knowledge in the field of education. The program allows each individual student to acquire a broad range of intellectual and practical skills through the range of opportunities offered by the course and through self-development, and provides a supportive approach that considers the needs of the students.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Doctor of Philosophy in Education
    Doctor of Philosophy in Science
  • Subject area
    Psychological Development and Health Promotion,
    Human Expression,
    Human Behavior,
    Education and Learning
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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