On April 18, Vice Chancellor A.S.M. Maksud Kamal from the University of Dhaka called on President FUJISAWA Masato.

The meeting was attended by Executive Vice President TAMAKI Hisashi (the director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships), KIMURA Kan (the dean of the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies) and OGAWA Keiichi (professor at the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies).

Fujisawa began by welcoming the visitors and Kimura expressed his hope for academic exchanges with the South Asian region. Kamal mentioned that more than 100 Japanese companies are operating in Bangladesh and due to the demand, the University of Dhaka established their Department of Japanese Studies. He also explained that the chairman of the department is an alumnus of Kobe University.

Furthermore, they exchanged views on future academic exchanges between the two universities, including the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding.

It is hoped that this visit will result in an opportunity to promote further academic cooperation between the two universities.

(Global Engagement Division)